The city of Zagreb can be reached from several directions. Some of them are listed in the table. Travel is possible by train or bus, depending on the starting destination.

The lines are frequent and everyday. Using sustainable transport when arriving in Zagreb is more than excellent.

You can find more about the lines themselves on the following links.

1. Flixbus

2. Autobusni kolodvor Zagreb  

3. HŽ putnički prijevoz   

During your stay in Zagreb, you can explore different forms of mobile sustainable movement through the city.

One of the possibilities is to use the public bicycle system through Nextbike

Nextbike public bike sharing system is the first and largest system in the region. Register in any city in Croatia and use nextbike in more than 250 cities worldwide!

On the website of the tourist board of the city of Zagreb, you can find several routes through which you can get to know the city of Zagreb by bicycle.

Our office is also conveniently located. If you start from the bus station, you can take tram number 6, and from the main station you can take tram number 13 or 6.

Drive to Trg Josip Ban Jelačič, after you get off the tram, you have another 4 minutes to walk to our office. Head in the direction of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saints Stephen and Ladislav.

We are located right next to the cathedral at Kaptol 29.

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